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Kansas City Employment Lawyer

Kevin is a Kansas City employment lawyer. He focuses on protecting employees from discrimination, harassment, and other illegal employment practices.

Unfair treatment in the workplace can take a variety of forms. Most of Kevin’s clients have encountered discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation for reporting illegal working conditions.

Employees facing workplace discrimination can often feel powerless and afraid. Kevin is honored that his clients trust him to help them navigate these difficult issues and, when necessary, be their voice and advocate for justice.

When employers fail to do the right thing, workers often pay the price. The costs of illegal employment practices can have long-lasting effects. Not only does discrimination in the workplace take an emotional toll on workers, it can often lead to loss of job promotions, lower pay, and wrongful termination.

Kevin holds employers accountable for their illegal conduct. He has helped countless employees recover compensation for lost wages and emotional distress caused by race discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and a host of other unlawful employment practices. If you have experienced a similar situation, he will do everything he can to make things right and help get your career back on track.

Practice Areas

Wrongful termination - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Wrongful Termination

An illegal termination can ruin your career and finances. Our Kansas City wrongful termination lawyer holds employers accountable for illegal firings.

Sexual Harassment - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Sexual Harassment

If you need a sexual harassment attorney in Kansas City, the Law Office of Kevin A. Jones will stand by your side and help you get the respect you deserve.

Gender discrimination - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Gender Discrimination

Men and women must be treated equally in the workplace. If you are being held to a different standard than the opposite sex, you should speak with a Kansas City gender discrimination attorney.

Racial discrimination - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Racial Discrimination

Race and skin color should be non-factors in any employment decisions. If your employer allows race discrimination in the workplace, a Kansas City discrimination lawyer can set things right.

Age Discrimination - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is against the law in Missouri. Don’t let false stereotypes and ageist beliefs cut your career short. Talk to a Kansas City employment discrimination lawyer.

Workplace retaliation - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Workplace Retaliation

Missouri employment laws prohibit retaliation for speaking up about discrimination and harassment. If you experienced this kind of behavior, speak to a Kansas City retaliation lawyer.

Whistleblower retaliation - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Whistleblower Retaliation

You should not be punished for reporting illegal behavior or activity. It is the right thing to do. If you were punished reporting wrongdoing, let a Kansas City whistleblower lawyer help.

Workers compensation retaliation - Kevin A. Jones Employment Law

Workers Compensation Retaliation

Injured workers shouldn’t lose their job because they reported a work injury. If you need someone to back you up, call a Kansas City worker’s compensation retaliation lawyer.

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Age Discrimination


Age Discrimination


Gender Discrimination


Sexual Harassment


Workplace Retaliation


Racial Harassment


Gender Discrimination


Disability Discrimination

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Kevin A. Jones - 5 star rated

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Kevin A. Jones - 5 star rated

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Missouri Employee Rights

Employees have many protections under federal and state laws. These protections are in place to ensure that business owners and management act do not take unfair advantage of their workers. Unfortunately, some of these protections are violated on a regular basis.

Violating the rights of employees is not only morally wrong, but it can also lead to economic and non-economic damages to the employee whose rights were violated. If you believe that your rights have been violated by your employer, either through the actions of the owner, management, or other employees, you are encouraged to contact a Kansas City employment lawyer.

A Brief Look at the Most Common Forms of Employment Violations

All employees are protected by state and federal laws from workplace discrimination, harassment, and acts of retaliation. There are many ways in which these laws can be violated. However, there are some violations that occur more often than others.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination can take many forms and is not just limited to the employees that already work for the business. Discrimination can also occur with hiring practices. All forms of discrimination are prohibited by state and federal laws.

Age Discrimination

Employees age 40 and over are protected from workplace discrimination based on their age. Decisions regarding hiring, promoting, laying off, project placement, job duties, and similar decisions cannot be based on the age of the employee. Missouri’s anti-discrimination statute only protects employees age 40-69. Once you turn 70, you are outside the age class protected from discrimination. Therefore, if you experienced age discrimination on or after your 70th birthday, you must exclusively rely on federal laws.

Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination is illegal under state and several federal laws, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A person cannot be discriminated against or singled out based on their gender. This includes only hiring men or women for a specific position, retaliation for pregnancy or childbirth, unequal pay for the same job position, and hiring and firing practices. It is important to understand that sex discrimination applies equally to both sexes.

Racial Discrimination

Discrimination based on race is protected by several federal and state laws. Racial discrimination involves treating someone differently because of their race, perceived race, or if their relationship with people of a certain race. Racial discrimination applies to all races. Racial discrimination also includes harassment that is racial in nature. Such harassment can take the form of derogatory remarks, unfair criticism, racial slurs, inappropriate jokes, and a wide variety of other conduct.

Religious Discrimination

All employees have federal and state protections to observe any religion without discrimination. Additionally, there are protections in place that require employers to make accommodations for some religious practices within the workplace, such as allowing certain headwear to be worn, allowing times for prayers, and allowing days off for specific religious holidays.

Disability Discrimination

It is illegal to discriminate against someone based on disability or perceived disability. There are several federal and state laws that prevent employers from discriminating against those with a disability who could perform the job in question. If you believe that you have been a victim of this type of discrimination, speak with a disability attorney Kansas City about your rights to seek compensation.

Proving discrimination in the workplace can be difficult. Think about it; people do not come out and say, “I am not hiring you because you are Jewish” or “I am putting a new person in your position because we want someone who looks young to work our front office.” Employers that discriminate against their employees will use excuses like poor work performance or attendance issues to get rid of an employee they don’t like. When an employer gives a false reason for taking adverse action against an employee in order to hide a discriminatory motive, the false reason is referred to as “pretext.”

Proving pretext can be challenging unless you have the right Kansas City employment attorneys managing your case. Your attorneys will be able to obtain the evidence that is necessary to show how an action taken by the employer against you as an employee or potential employee was made based on discrimination, and not the reasons that they provided. A qualified Kansas City discrimination lawyer knows exactly where to look to find the information to back your case.


Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment is actually a form of sex discrimination. If you think about it, the person doing the harassing generally only chooses one sex to harass. Since they are singling out a person based on their sex, it is, therefore, discrimination.

Sexual harassment, however, is one of the most pervasive forms of sex discrimination. Harassment often moves past sexual jokes and comments to physical contact and sometimes even sexual assault. If you believe that you are a victim of sexual harassment, you are encouraged to speak with a sexual harassment attorney Kansas City.

Sexual harassment generally falls into the following two categories:

Quid Pro Quo

This type of harassment occurs when a business owner or someone in management requires some form of sexual favor for a job position, job advancement, or protection of a position.

Hostile Environment 

A hostile environment can be one where the owner, manager, or other employees are making working in the business very uncomfortable because of their sexually motivated actions or speech.

Many people who are victims of sexual harassment are embarrassed by the entire situation. Sometimes they engage in self-blaming and other destructive thoughts. This can cause people to quit their jobs and face financial harm, fall into a depression, consider self-harm, or worse.

We are here to advocate and empower victims of sexual harassment. As a top Kansas City employment lawyer, we promise that we will show you the compassion that you deserve for this most uncomfortable situation. We will also help you seek justice for the pain you have endured as a sexual harassment victim.

Wrongful Termination

In Missouri, employers and employees have the right to end their working relationship without reason. This is known as “at-will” and is a law designed to protect employees from being obligated to a single employer. The at-will laws are meant to give an employee the opportunity to move and further their careers with other companies without retribution.

This law also applies to employers. It gives the employers a right to end employment relations with any employee without giving any specific cause – as long as the reasons are legal. That is the key phrase to this law. Employers cannot terminate an employee’s employment for reasons that are considered discriminatory, retaliatory, or otherwise against the law. This is considered wrongful termination.

Wrongful termination can include many different scenarios like:

  • Firing an employee for refusing to participate in unethical or illegal behaviors at work or as a condition for continued employment
  • Firing an employee as retaliation for reporting illegal or unethical behavior
  • Firing an employee for doing their civic duty such as completing jury duty
  • Firing an employee as a result of discriminatory practices protected by law
  • Firing an employee for making a request for medical or family leave that is protected by the Family Medical Leave Act

Proving wrongful termination can be a challenge. Like most discriminatory acts, an employer generally does not come out and say the true reason for terminating an employee. This means that the termination often falls under pretextual reasons, as discussed above.

If you believe that you lost your job for an illegal reason, contact a Kansas City wrongful termination lawyer to discuss the events surrounding the loss of your job. Having an attorney manage your claim for wrongful termination will be the best way to protect your rights.

Employer Retaliation

Employers are forbidden from taking retaliatory actions against their employees for some types of events that occur in the workplace. These events include:

  • Opposing sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Reporting to management that discrimination is occurring
  • Making a worker’s compensation claim
  • Taking medical or family leave under the guidelines of the Family Medical Leave Act
  • Reporting unethical or illegal behaviors
  • Refusing to participate in unethical and illegal behaviors

Retaliation in the workplace is not limited to firing the employee. Retaliation can include:

  • Demoting the employee to a lesser position and pay rate
  • Changing job duties to include less desirable job duties or duties the employee cannot perform leading to a “valid” reason for termination
  • Denial of pay increases or promotion
  • Inappropriate disciplinary actions
  • Harassment

If you feel that you are being retaliated against in the workplace, it is time to take action. Contact an employment lawyer Kansas City and have them examine the facts about your case so you know the steps that you can take against an employer who is actively retaliating against you.

Workers Compensation Retaliation

Worker’s compensation is an insurance product that employers are required to carry to protect their employees in the event of an accident. Worker’s comp covers medical care and will help cover a percentage of the employee’s lost wages while they are making a recovery from their injury.

Any employee who has been injured at work should report their injury and make a claim. This is the reason the insurance policy is in place.

Employers cannot retaliate against you for reporting a work injury or making a worker’s compensation claim. or punish. Nor can an employer punish you for taking time off to recover from your injury, or retaliate against you because you received a settlement from your worker’s compensation case.

If your employer retaliates against you for making a worker’s comp claim, it is important to protect your rights and contact a Kansas City employment law attorney about your case. As an injured employee, you have specific rights to medical care and compensation for your financial damages due to the injury. You are also protected from retaliation by your employer by pursuing these rights.

Whistleblower Protection

If an employee discovers that their company is actively defrauding the government or engaging in other possibly illegal activities, that employee can be rewarded for reporting those actions. Often referred to as “whistleblower protection,” an employee that reports fraudulent or illegal activity cannot be punished by or retaliated against by their employer.

Whistleblowers are given these protections by law so that it encourages people to report fraud and abuse of government funds and other resources. In addition to employment protections, whistleblowers are also given compensation for their actions. In certain federal whistleblower cases involving fraud against the government, whistleblowers generally receive between 10 to 30 percent of the amount of money recovered as a result of the whistleblower’s report.

If you have information regarding corporate fraud or other wrongdoing, it is important to speak with a whistleblower attorney. This is the best way to protect yourself from retaliation and other violations of the Whistleblower Acts and ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for reporting these abuses.

Contact An Employment Attorney Kansas City About Your Case Today

Employment law falls under both state and federal regulations. Employees have the right to work without experiencing illegal discrimination, harassment, or retaliation from their employers or co-workers.

Workplace discrimination based on protected characteristics is illegal and unethical. Employees are protected from being discriminated against in every phase of the work process – from hiring practices, to promotions, to terminations. If you feel that you have been discriminated against by an employer, it is crucial to speak with an employment lawyer.

Many forms of harassment, retaliation, and discrimination can be complicated to prove. Employers and other employees are generally not going to admit that their actions are illegal. However, with the help of a qualified employment lawyer, you will be able to obtain the information and evidence that you need to proceed with your case.

Employees should not feel as if they are trapped in a bad situation at work because they are afraid of the financial repercussions that could come from reporting the abuse or situation. These employees have legal protections and should protect their rights to work in a place that is free from harassment, retaliation, and discrimination. Having an experienced employee rights lawyer on your side can give you the confidence to stand up to unethical employers without fear of retaliation.

If you are suffering financial hardships as well as other non-economic issues as a result of unfair actions taken by your employer against you, we may be able to help. Speak with an employment lawyer about your rights and what you can do to protect those rights and make a claim for compensation.

Our attorneys understand how complicated employment issues can be on a personal and professional level for our clients. We will provide you with the compassion you deserve and the aggressive legal representation that you need during this difficult time.

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